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Welcome to!

Why The Silly Domain Name?
The domain name of was available so I bought it. I would have purchased the domain name much earlier but someone out there snatched it up before I realized how big a name it was. Why would someone register a website with my name? Their moebergeron site wasn't even about me. I was so happy to discover they did not succeed.

Why The Disinterest?
I really don't care if visitors come to my personal pages. Since 1995 I have published numerous websites totalling thousands of pages that gathered millions upon millions of visitor hits. Until recently I remained the man behind the scenes. I liked it that way. I still like it that way but some things I cannot control.

What's The Purpose?
At this point I have no purpose for this thing. I just wanted to grab up the domain name before some silly person fancied the idea of impersonating the real Moe Bergeron. (My wife does not think I'm nuts. She knows I'm nuts.)

Things I'm still Actively Involved In On The Net
I have a dead serious interest in a blog that I've devoted to light theological stuff at If that bores you go to It's the first web ministry I established in 1995.

Things I Love I To Do To This Today
Two Sons - Moe Bergeron Ministering in Lindenhurst, Long Island NY